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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Story Time First Touch by Paul K.

Story Time First Touch

Posted by: "paul K."

Originally posted on Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:22 am (PDT)

From: paul K.   email: paulsmfas2_AT

First Touch..... 

Abe and I had been roommates since I moved in during high school. The tragedy of my parents' death was unreal especially after I moved in with his family. The surroundings weren't my home so the horror of loosing them wasn't as painful. Oh yea there were those late night crying jags I had. Fortunately Abe usually slept through them. 

Now and then he's ask "you ok buddy?" and I'd mumble yea and turn away ashamed of myself. By the time we graduated my sorrow had subsided most of the time and my grades recovered from the plummeting reaction to loosing them.. 

Thanks to a nice large insurance policy I didn't have to worry about tuition. And in fact I could go to the same college as Abe so we shared a small apartment there instead of an on campus room. It took some prying by Abe's lawyer father but we
got a waiver from the "freshmen in dorm" rule. Of course our just off campus apartment became a center for our fellow freshmen to escape the campus. Pizza parties, sports TV gatherings and an occasional inhaling festival occurred. Thanks to the latter, I really began to recover from being the awkward teenager who lost his parents..but then we all were recovering from being awkward teenagers. 

 One of the things that distracted me even in high school was nudity. I kid you not. Seeing Abe naked all the time in his bedroom shocked me. We were friends before then but sharing intimate things like nudity, jacking off, sexual fantasies didn't occur until I
became his roomie. That continued into college and by then I had become just as free as he was hanging out in our room naked. And in college we had a living room, kitchen and bedroom to be naked in.

  During that first summer, our "hanging out" expanded to anytime morning, noon, or night thanks to the weather and the lack of an air condit ioner. A couple of our friends who stuck around during the summer seemed to hang out all the time. And their acceptance of our habits included
them. There we were naked two guys, sometimes more watching TV, making PB sandwiches, smoking joints, staying up late to discuss the purpose of life and the uselessness of religion. But nothing else happened. Nobody touched, sucked or fucked. Oh there were jokes and even truth or dare games but nobody acted on the dares. Abe and I did wrestle now and then but we never went the next step. How I wanted him to. In my fantasies we wrestled until the winner plunges his hardness into the mouth or ass of the looser. And I was sometimes winner and sometimes the looser. We jacked off in our beds like we did in high school, often watching each other. But never did I offer to help him out, nor did he me.

The second year in college things changed however. Abe got dumped by his girl friend. I was really lonely with him going out on dates all the time. And I began to wonder if the end of our friendship or roommate compatibility was in sight. I figured it would be in time as life, careers and the future demanded. Despite the heat, I let myself sink into a tub full of hot water. I had been running that Saturday and my legs seemed extra tired then normal and my lower back ached. I loved our bathtub. It was old, like all the fixtures in our apartment. It was the kind of deep bathtub with legs and set out from the walls in the center of that half of the bathroom. It had a shower spray over head and it took two shower curtains to surround it when we showered. And like old plumbing when someone flushed the toilet the hot water turned cold. Abe and I both played tricks on each other all the time with that, ending with the shocked naked person showering running after the flusher all over the apartment.

 I loved those games. It always ended with us in a pile on the floor wrestling,
threatening each other and daring whoever was inning to act out on their threats to stick their cocks in the loser's mouth, or ass or piss on them or whatever the threats were. We never did that. The tub had a nice rounded edge, suitable to lay our heads on while bathing. I slept that day enjoying the warmth that surrounded me. I heard him. His long drawn out bladder emptying always amazed me. Abe had a bladder the size of an elephant's I was convinced. I once timed him and I swear he pissed for a steady 5:00 once.

Of course, that was after drinking lots of beer. I opened my eyes and watched the yellow arch leaving his cock and landing in our old toilet. As I watched I swear he made little j/o movements with his hand and it seemed to get harder even while he was still pissing. I wanted him to come over to the tub and aim his penis at me. I'm not sure but I thought it might feel good having his urine land on my bare chest and face. I closed my eyes to experience the momentary fantasy. My cock expanded as I thought about it. I
tried to nap hoping my mind would escape the sexual fantasy. I reacted suddenly when I felt a hand on my erection. I didn't jump up but opened my eyes figuring Abe was playing some trick on me. "Just relax buddy" he said quietly as his hand fondled my erection which stuck up above the water line. His other hand moved into the water and began to massage my balls. I started to say something but didn't for some reason. "Close your eyes and enjoy" he added. I had learned the difference between Abe playing a joke on me and being serious.

He was serious so I closed my eyes. In my mind were in our beds back in high school with Abe naked and playing with me, or at church camp with him fondling me instead of that weird Conrad Musser. I remembered the day I moved in and was hugged by his mother and in his bedroom by him. I cried like a baby in his arms that day and pulled away embarrassed as hell. I begged him not to tell anyone. He smiled and said "for what?" I knew I had lost a friend and gained a brother and perhaps some part of a parent I would never have again. 

My mind began to replay memories of naked guys in gym class, Olympic athletes, my first glimpse of my own father naked when I was a child. "Shit" I murmured thinking I should warn him but my body didn't give me time to decide as I erupted again and again and again. "Christ, when was the last time you came?" Abe asked. I opened my eyes and saw him , rather I saw my cum dripping off his chin and hands. "feel good?" he asked. 

He was shirtless. I wondered when he had taken the time to strip it off. Then I moved sitting up in the bath and saw he was naked again wondering when he had time to strip naked. "You slept for a long time before that happened" he said as if answering my question. "You're a mess' I said "get in" Abe smiled and stepped over the edge and into the tub facing me. The water rose as the added body submerged. 

I spread my legs and let him put his legs where he wanted. One he put on the outside of mine and the other he let move between my legs. He smiled. The glint in his eye told me to keep quiet and lay back. His toes fumbled with my hanging balls and he moved it further under me until his big toe pressed against my butthole. I smiled as I lifted up a bit to give him room. I bent one of my legs so my toes could feel his testicles and cock too. I concentrated as I felt them. I didn't moved under him as he had done me. We both sighed and rested there in the warm water. "Cold" he said in a whisper. There wasn't anyone else in the area to hear us so his whisper wasn't necessary but it added to the erotic scenario. 

I heard the water escaping down the drain he had opened and at the same time the rush of new water, presumably warm from the faucet he had turned on. I kept my eyes closed as his toe moved in my hole as he went about the
task of warming up the water. My cock throbbed. "Shit" he said. I opened my eyes to see him staring at my now visible above the water hard, very hard cock. "Man that's hard" he said. I grabbed it and stroked it loving the fact he was admiring it. He moved to his kneels and reached out to touch it as if it was some precious art object. "You're pretty hard yourself"

I said seeing his usually dangling dick now filled with his blood thrusting at an angle. I had seen it before often as we changed clothes or he stripped to slide between the very lucky sheets on his bed. "Fuck me" he said. I looked at him with my confusion. "Yea, never did it so go slow man" he soaped my cock with his hand and I wanted him to keep doing that. Instead he turned around and braced himself on
the sides of the tub. "Come on man do it before I chicken out" he turned his head. My fingers encircled his nutsac and cock and I felt the nut in my stomach hurt more. I had always wanted to do just that. I moved in the water finding a position on one knee and aimed my cock. "Keep breathing" I instructed remembering the first time I got fucked.

Our neighbor, Mr. Miller, had a quiet voice. "It's ok, you'll hurt a bit but that's all part of it. Just keep breathing" he had said as I lay over a pile of boxes in his basement. I had been helping him clean it out for three weekends. Due to the heat we both had stripped to our waists before but that weekend we stripped to our under shorts. I hadn't planned on that so my wearing torn jockey shorts was an accident. He laughed and put a finger in one of the holes and touched my virgin rosebud hole. Instead of yelling and pulling away I sighed. Nobody had touched me there. Only my own finger had played there when I masturbated. Miller's finger entered me and he added a second one. I was afraid he would see my erection. "Just rest forward" he said and I moved forward letting my bare chest and stomach rest on the boxes.

His hands removed my underwear and I lay there not sure what to expect but wanting
his finger. Instead his cock moved into me. "You ok boy?" he asked in that voice that was so smooth and silky it covered me like a warm blanket. He fucked me slow at first. His hand reached under me and stroked me as he did it. I was on some cloud of new sensations and pleasure I had never thought was possible. When he pounded into me, the strength of his grip on my firm buttocks made me feel in his control. I could have stopped him anytime and left. After all he was having sex with a minor. But Mr. Miller knew I liked him. And I knew he liked me.

 There had been times when he grabbed me and we wrestled. In the basement our half naked status made this horseplay even more exciting and I remembered the feeling of his arms on me as I jacked off when I went home. I had watched him walking naked by his windows even before then. "I uh saw you the other day, your curtains were opened" I stammered once. "Thought you would want to uh know" "Your parents were gone right?" he didn't wait for my answer "Soooo thought I'd give you a treat like the ones you give me." 

The number of times I jacked off seemed a world record. Upstairs in my attic bedroom I would stand by the full length mirror by my window and go wild. Until then I didn't think that anyone could see me. He quickened the jamming into me and from his grunts and groans I knew he was shooting his man sperm into me. We finished the work and I went back often after that to do other chores. My parents didn't mind. They liked Miller and tolerated his comments about me in my Speedos or other things I wore. I wasn't sure what they thought. "You boy is going to be a heart breaker", "So where does he get his bubble butt from", "What a handsome young man he's becoming" and more embarrassing comments I heard when he joined us for backyard pool parties or barbeques. 

 I remember seeing my Dad looking at me and him in the pool once. I was enjoying being lifted and tossed about in the water. My Dad was watching and the expression on his face wasn't angry but it was serious. It made me feel immediately embarrassed. But they never told me not to go next door or not to accept the many little housekeeping jobs Mr. Miller offered me. He taught me a great deal. "Come on man, fuck me" Abe said as I pushed my hips forward making him react. "Breath deep and relax." "Shit man it hurts like hell" "Yea at first but if you relax and let me in, you'll get used to it. Pain's part of it" I felt my pubic hair rub against his skin. I wanted to rest and let my cock just feel the grip of his sphincter squeezing me. But instead I fucked him. I had fucked only once before. 

A kid I met at Scout Jamboree. He was from UK and we had been playing soccer with some other new found scout friends. In on group there were guys from three or four countries wearing their distinctive banners around their bare necks, looking sexy without shirts. We all wore our uniform shorts and due to the trend let them sag as low on our hips as possible. My cock was hard the entire time despite the furious uncontrolled game we played. I'm not sure we even tried to make a goal. 

Instead our groupings around the ball were the main action, our legs reaching for the ball and our arms flailing often touching each other pushing and occasionally patting. "Nice" I said out loud to this guy wearing a UK bandana after patting his butt. He smiled. He came up to me after the match dwindled to only a few of us. "Where's your tent?" he asked. We exchanged bandanas back at my tent, a common practice of new friends at the Jamboree. He patted my crotch adding "nice" we smiled. Later that night he returned as my tent mate and others were singing around the fire. We went to my tent and he pulled his clothes off inside. 

I fumbled a bit but fucked him as we lay in a spoon position. "Shit" I said sweating as I worked hard fucking Abe. He was cursing, begging and urging me to fuck him harder and faster. ? I tried to focus my attention on learning what made him react as I swiveled my hips during each thrust. He was reacting wildly and seemed to love when I slapped his ass during thrusting. He pounded the sides of the tub, cursed and kept saying "shit, shit" We showered as the tub emptied. Abe pulled me against him and I felt his naked body with mine. "My turn, come on" he said stepping out of the tub. I followed him still
dripping from the water as he was. His cock pointed in front of him like an arrow pointing the way. And he pushed me on my bed abruptly. I didn't protest. He knew what he was doing, I observed. I wondered who he had fucked before, what classmates had been in this very spot when I was in class? Did his girl friend watch?

Abe was on the bed pushing my legs back and jamming his cock in and out of my hole. Each stab made me react. I wanted him inside me fucking but he took time stabbing me instead. "God you're tight" he said each time..finally leaving his cock inside me. I squeezed around his cock which was hard work. Don't let anyone say a bottom doesn't work as hard as the top. There were times when I didn't. I lay there and concentrated on relaxing my ass so it wouldn't hurt so much. But Mr. Miller would sometimes teach me how to control my sphincter which gave him pleasure too. I used what I learned on Abe's intrusion and he grimaced each time but loved it. 

When he pulled out of me, I was disappointed but stared as it sprayed me with his sperm. It didn't seem to stop. "Shit man you had as much as I did" I said. He had fallen on top of me using his sperm to glue us together as we slept in the same
bed for the first time. The next morning I didn't know whether to say anything about the previous night or not. He talked about the girl he was dating and supposedly spending the three day weekend with. His phone call at noon told me what I wanted to hear. "Hey she's on the rag about something. Maybe you and I can go somewhere instead".

I was his second choice I knew. "Hell I'd rather spend the weekend with my buddy anyway" he added which made me feel better. "We can go somewhere private and do more stuff like last night, later dude" he hung up. My cock was hard and I touched it. It was like the first time I had recognized that touching my cock felt good. I stroked with one hand and felt under my butt with the other probing a finger into my hole. It felt like the first time I had fingered it. I moved the finger about as I masturbated reliving the nigh before. Then I pulled the finger out and replaced with my thumb. It was like the first time Abe's big toe touched me there.

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