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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Are there any good places for flashing or CMNM scenes

I've brought this up a while ago. But someone may have recent info, recommendations, or actual experiences to share.

I'm staying in NYC in August - just a few nights - passing thru. I'm looking to stay in a hostel or other accommodations - but prefer one where there would be opportunities for male-to-male flashing or at least CMNM.

Can anybody suggest one that is decent and might work for that?

I've stayed the Gershwin Hotel which has dorm-style rooms. The YMCA (Vanderbilt and West Side) are pretty good for that. Can anybody tell me how Jamaica YMCA would be?

I'm not into high risk flashing (at least not yet) with complete strangers in very public settings.

I usually get my jollies by trying to make guys feel comfortable (or loosen up) to showing their own bodies / cocks or to be erotically stimulated enough to pop a boner or even masturbate.

However, I like to get to know my flashing 'target' - it's really hot when a guy I've been talking to -- intellectual discussion or talking about travel or pop culture stuff suddenly gets to take a good hard look at me naked or even partly or fully aroused. (pretending to sleep but have a hard-on exposed). Then later talking to him again, I imagine what he's thinking about having seen my nude body or stiff cock while we're talking about something else. That sense of a shared secret is very exciting - and it works the opposite way too - if I've seen him nude and/or aroused.

Summer vacation's coming in a few weeks.. so I've got several hostel stays, campground stays, and of course nude beach excursions planned.

This photo was taken this morning on a walk (without the dog this time) in the park-like cemetery just a few minutes away on foot.

For nearly two years (very infrequently off and on), I've tried to get a younger man (about 23-27) who rides to work on his bicycle through the cemetery (above) to notice my peekaboo flashing (see thru, hole-riddled and mesh clothes). He's not ever really taken the bait and generally turns his head or avert his eyes - if we're too close - so that he can't be 'accused' of looking. I am pretty positive he knows what I'm up to ... a few times a month I make a sudden appearance on his route - sometimes with my zipper down or sometimes with a pair of mesh shorts with my shirt tucked in just for him to see my pale cock wiggle from side-to-side as walk by him. 

If he were so disgusted or fearful (of being
stalked), he could easily find another path to his work (I think he's working at a
small commercial airport not too far away) because I meet him usually (once a week or so) around 7:00am and he returns about home the same route in mid-afternoon. Wednesday are his day off so he works on Saturdays as well.

Things have gotten more daring on my part this month. A couple of times recently I've gotten more bold.. like this morning. From the road, he would see me something like this (photo attached). I realize it's very tame by comparison (to other's extreme flashing - but HEY!.. we are NOT all made/built the same, right?)

I'm standing in a pathway between grave plots about 7 meters from the main road that runs through the cemetery. It's a straight wide (private) road with no thru vehicle traffic - so I only have to be careful about pedestrians and bicylists going east/west. Before taking up my position just off the road, I scout out down the road to see if he's approaching and then take up my position (like the photo). I'm turned a bit to the left but I can him clearly when I look to my right. I've done this before but never pulled my pants all the way down until recently. Earlier I was taking a piss (or pretending too).

So twice recently.. when I knew nobody else was approaching either direction ..
I've pulled down my pants and starting jerking my cock (not hard in this 'staged' recreation of the scene).
There should be no doubt that he can see me in this peripheral vision but he's TOO damned chicken or just not going to give me the pleasure knowing he's looking. He's smart - not a smart-alec and he's not looking for a confrontation but he's not looking to see 'dick' if he can help it either.

I know it's pretty stupid (fruitless is a better word LOL) -maybe useless to try to keep flashing this guy (if you can call it that). But the challenge just seems to be increasing my feelings of urgency. This time after he went by without so much as a smile or frown/scowl or side glance... I had to go deeper off the main road and beat off til I came.
Is this going to lead to me trying to go to greater lengths to get the guy to look?

   I think the attraction is that I sort of 'feel' like I know him -- ridiculous idea (I  
know) but at least we recognize each other.
Sometimes he almost can't help it if I suddenly meet him coming around a corner but it's risky to be 'showing' more than just wearing see-thru mesh - because mothers with school children, old ladies and men heading to their office job are equally likely to suddenly appear around the same corners.
I know he does look my way at times .. but it's only when I'm 20-50 meters away. There is a large plaza (paved area) along the main road, where we sometimes cross paths at a much great distance. It is at times like that when I have my zipper down and my cock partly exposed. I notice then that he 'seems' to take a brief look .. but if I'm too close.. he averts his eyes or even turns his head.

What do you think? It's not much of a flashing experience - but it's the most 'real' flashing I've ever done (not counting nude beaches and CMNM with male strangers in hostels/campsites). He's got to know that I'm 'beating off' for him, but he's closed to the idea.

Any suggestions?

It's at public cemetery in an Asia country - where I happen to be working now (part of the year). That fact makes the flashing (or peekaboo exposure) even more risky - I'm a white American male and almost all of the people who pass through the cemetery -- including the guy on the bicycle I've been targeting - are Asians.
I'd be very easy to identify in a police line-up (LOL) if he made a complaint to the police.

I don't know what it is - -but I'm not the first person on dickFlash - who has had the urge to flash while living in a place as person of an extreme racial minority (less than 2/10ths of a percent) are not Asian.

Maybe somebody can explain this phenomenon?

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