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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Freeballing and sagging - hot look!

I find that it's sometimes easier to find out whether somebody's freeballing bywhat happens at the back of his pants - instead of the front. Not that the front is not a lot more interesting, but I guess I'm an ass man - at least in part (LOL).

I certainly appreciate it when a hefty lump (VPL) shifts in a guy's crotch -during movement - walking, jumping, skating, or when he's partially aroused. But there are probably more times I can recognize another freeballer by seeing him show some ass or his ass crack -which can be very hot, too!

Guys who like boardshorts, of course, (extreme sagger dude here), but you're more likely to notice them UP FRONT .. especially when you see well below the navel or when the pubes are showing.

Skaters sometimes seem to be more likely to be freeballers than just your average guy.
Someday I'm going to set up a booth on Waikiki Beach (or someplace like it) and ask guys, "Do you freeball?" (or what kind of underwear they like to take off lol) - and get them to let me take their photos.

Wouldn't that be a great summer job? -- Maybe as a advertising campaign for some men's products, etc....

Location: Delaware

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 2:44 am Post subject: Exhibtionist 

 I live in a conservative area, so cover up my crack and unzipped shorts with a shirt. I love wearing shorts and pants that show the outline of my cut cock.


Hang Loose...Hang Out...


I love to wear jeans, shorts - anything low so that crack shows in back and they are obviously low in front. In the summer I love to wear an old pair of cut offs in the yard without a shirt. Depending on who's around, I let them go really low, exposing anywhere from 2" of crack to half my ass to OOPS, they just fell to my ankles.
I also love to see other guys who do the same.

Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan











Warm weather (especially tropcial climates) and the local mores bring out the best in young men (older ones too). Unfortunately, the authorities have started banning sagging pants and showing underwear in some communities.

Hawaii always has more than its fair share of saggers - so it's not uncommon to get 
quite a few glimpses of 'sags' to this degree - front and back. I always think later -- "why don't I have my camera' - but then I think better of it.. I'd look like a tourist snapping away at these guys (surfers, sk8ers, college guys on vacation, etc).
I need a good cover/excuse -- maybe I'll try a T-shirt and a proper  looking badge that says: 'Official Flickr Photographer' or "VPL Staff Photographer". I wonder how many people on the street know what VPL stands for. [grin]


Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan

Not shirtless but he's freeballing by all appearances.... and making it obvious.
I wonder how many of his buddies are too.

Maybe it's an initiation rite into their Freeballer's Circle.

Of course, there are times when you just have to be direct in your approach
to find out whether a buddy or new acquaintance is freeballing.

If he's coy about it, just take matters into your own hands - you'll never know

what might come UP!

This is one of my favorite photos:

And then there are the ones where there is never any doubt. Love to
guys wearing overalls and nothing else. That garment is so convenient,
comfortable and makes everyTHING so accessible and often times visible.


Joined: 26 Aug 2007
Location: Ogden, UT

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 9:00 pm Post subject: Re: Making sure 

sunbuns wrote:
Of course, there are times when you just have to be direct in your approach to
find out whether a buddy or new acquaintance is freeballing.

If he's coy about it, just take matters into your own hands - you'll never know what
might come UP!

This is one of my favorite photos:
I grew up showing my cock to anyone that wanted to look down my pants -- even as a teen, I freeballed.


Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 2:37 pm Post subject: Happy Thanks4Giving_It_Up Day

There are plenty of US residents here. So Happy Turkey Day.. maybe there should also be an appreciation day for Giving Up (Wearing) Underwear.

These Czech guys certainly have a LOAD to be thankful for.


Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 10:18 pm Post subject: Thanksgiving for (on) the beach! 

Nice decoration on this body.He's no turkey... it almost makes us forget he's freeballing.

Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 4:34 pm Post subject:  

One of the dudes is freeballing.... wouldn't you know it! He happens to be

the one with sex on his mind .. (notice his t-shirt). Just goes to show you...
freeballing encourages horniness in those who DON'T use underwear.


Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 4:06 pm Post subject:  

Once you've taken that much stuff out of your shorts, then they ought
not to sag THAT much... (LOL). Lucky us - nice view!


Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:53 pm Post subject: We can always count on sunbuns - well... not always! 

It's not much fun when nobody else posts or replies. Thanks for the word of appreciation.

Yeah, the links don't work (I let them expire). If you want to see, you'll have to visit my photostream at the URL below and become a Flickr friend in order to see any photos with nudity or explicit scenes.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Is Raphael gay? Does it really matter anymore?

Is Rafa gay? In his autobiography, he talks about his entourage and there's a guy who keeps cropping up called Titin. He has no clear role definition within Rafa's team, and there he was, after Rafa won today, giving him a big hug and a kiss.

According to several threads on Men's Tennis Forums and elsewhere, it's common knowledge in the locker room. Do you know I have often wondered. Signs are there.
Do a Google search for 'Is Nadal gay?' The results might surprise you.
He probably is. I’ve read not so long ago an interview of Nadal where the interviewer tried to explore the relationship between Nadal and his girlfriend, and Nadal was very tight lipped about it. The line of questions had me thinking that maybe she was on to something and it seemed though as if Nadal had guessed where she was heading with that line of questioning. I found it very interesting back then. I think it was just last year.

It doesn't matter if he's gay but if he is gay then it's interesting that he's hiding it. In this day and age, there's no reason to hide it, unless he feels it won't be the case and that his career/reputation will be hampered by it. A few celebs have paid GFs/wives. I can think of at least 2 Hollywood actors. They just think if they appear to be hetero, it makes for a better public image and stops them getting beaten up.

Tom Cruise, of course, comes to mind immediately, but people are still so naive as it seems. I've seen a documentary not so long ago, where a lot of men are still living on the down low. They have families and children and the wives have absolutely no clue about their husbands’ true life. Some of them were interviewed but they kept the faces in the dark, as they didn’t want to come out, but gave the interview anyway just to show what kind of double life they were leading and this was only for the sake that, some people especially the older generations have trouble accepting a life that doesn’t strike as normal to them. And I am sure they aren’t far off judging by the reactions we have. 

Of course, it's no one's business but it's also interesting if it's true. As to rumour, well, you know what they say. If there's smoke, there's bound to be fire. Quite ironically, this sort of rumour tends to be true. There was this episode in Will & Grace where Will met with this Sports figure that’s clearly gay, but he wouldn't go out with Will in public because he didn't want to come out and was comfortable with the way things were going for him. He didn't want to lose his sponsorships, his fans and a few others things. 

I remember Will then had to break the relationship as he was living openly by then. Anyway, people don't get this idea from Mars as they are pretty much taken from real life. And the dreams will be shattered if Nadal comes out. I think it's a very courageous thing to do to live openly because it's your own sexuality and you should never be ashamed of, unless name and fame matter to you most. And who is to say they don’t matter to him at all.