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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wild times at the baths: 24 Kaikan Tokyo's Shinjuku

I'll not go into too much detail (at least,  I say that as I begin this entry), but over the last few weeks, I've been going about a half-dozen times to one of the local gay baths (i.e. male saunas).

It's called 24-Kaikan, a chain operation with at least 3 locations in Tokyo. Normally, I go to the one very near Tokyo's gay district in Shinjuku 2-chome.  It's  located in a 7-story building just around the corner and one block from the main gay ghetto intersection that's the famous Advocates Cafe, a street-side open bar. Inside 24-Kaikan (about $24 for a locker for 12 hours), there are 7 floors, 2F is the entrance and the floors for undressing and lockers, the third floor is a completely Wet Floor that includes a large Japanese style 'onsen' (hot springs) bath and showers, steam room, wet and dry saunas, and 4 more floors of group room where cruising and sex play go on 24/7, including about twenty private and double hotel-style rooms (which cost extra, of course).

The top three floors have hotels rooms from about $50 to $100 or so per night. Atop the seventh floor is a flat sundeck, partially hidden from the surrounding buildings along with a row of a partly enclosed shower room with 3 open showers side by side and a separate toilet.  Although complete nudity is forbidden on the roof because of possible neighbor's complaints, there can still be plenty to see
when guys lounge on the rooftop nearly naked. Invariably, if it's sunny and warm, there were be a small group of men who like showing off and seeing others who love showing. So I love to go to 24-Kaikan anytime of year, but especially when the weather is warm up to sunbathe and shower outdoors.

  Last Saturday was really a very erotic experience since there was a new guy on the premises. I am pretty sure he was a US Marine, probably on leave but possibly stationed in Tokyo (they are used at the US Embassy) or at the Marine base near Mt. Fuji. He as young, hunky, and tattooed. The auburn-headed jarhead had a nice dick - not huge by any means, and he had the boyish good looks of a young man rapidly becoming a stud.

  What was amazing about him that he was so open to sex and affection with most anyone. When I first saw him, he was on top of a bunkbed in the Bunk Room, where about 10 bunkbeds are lined up side by side, end first to the wall. He was engaged in sucking and kissing with several other Japanese guys. When he saw me standing at the end of the bed, he crawled over
and reached down to feel by erection, and tried to get me to get up into the bed. I declined because it seemed it was already sufficiently 'entertained'.

However, about 30 minutes later - after I had sunned myself on the top floor sun roof for a bit, I came back down to the 5th floor Group Room and found a couple fucking at the first floor mat near the door. I could only see the guy's ass of the one who was on top. Man, did it look delicious and so I leaned up behind his butt and took a good lick. The owner of that fine ass turned around to look and we recognized each other from earlier.  This time I could see his entire naked body and partly shaved head (no sides  - just having
left the top of his short straight auburn hair).  He seemed to enjoy by tongue on his ass and balls.. although the smooth young Japanese guy he was fucking didn't seem to appreciate having the 'older' white guy (me) horning in on his trophy dick.

Eventually, the young Japanese guy got off and get up, leaving Marine-boy open for this daddy's pleasure. We went at for I don't know how long, He'd apparently already cum - who knows how many times - so we didn't go for orgasm, and eventually he fell asleep with me sucking his armpits and stroking his now wilted cock. An hour or less later in the Play Room (with a sling and other
equipment) located in a small alcove on the same floor in the Shower Room , I was again plugging a guy's ass with my still hard dick along with another set of similar fuckers along side us. Guess who makes an appearance:  Jarhead Red, the Marine.  Yep, he smiled at me as I lunged back and forward into a middle-age Japanese businessman's ass, and then he did something I could only have imagined. He got up into the swing and although he didn't open his ass, I could only imagine that that act of submission was going to come.  This was just too much for my sorely (and sore) prolonged erection to withstand so I let loose inside the condom stretched over my engorged member that was buried deep in the ass.

Unfortunately, that signaled the end of my Saturday night reverie. When I left, I feel a foot grab my leg from behind. It was the Marine. I can only hope (and pray) that he'll be there again someday soon so that I'll have the chance to plow his gorgeous bubble butt or vice-versa.  Semper Fi.

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