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Saturday, July 19, 2014

World Naked Bike Ride: Power, Purpose, or just getting nude in public?

Getting naked for the sake of some higher or noble purpose seems to be modern society's rather quirky response toward liberating today's new sexual mores and to bolster the moral consciousness of our so-called degenerate tribe(s) of humanity. It would be cool to actually participate , fo'sure!. But unfortunately, not many people are ready for prime time nudity where I live. We've been trying to get a World Naked Bike Ride started here (Tokyo) and elsewhere in Asia, but it really doesn't seem to go over that well for a variety of reason. I notice too that even some major urban areas has some trouble this year. In some case, the authorities refused to allow 'full monty' nudity - although I didn't seem to stop the true nudist enthusiasts or believers in the cause of 'No more exposure' to automobile exhaust. It's clear that the United States is decidedly more 'conversative' that other areas of the world - Chicago, the 3rd largest city, held its WNBR at night. For one thing, there seems to be a deluge of political apathy. People don't seem to care about making a strong political statement by public protest. Perhaps they have seen the futility of such protests (esp. public ones) over the generations. Secondly, people do not like to take personal responsiblity for their actions and decisions. Getting naked (partly or fully) is certainly a personal decision -- although it might seem to suit the 'group' mentality that seems apparent in many Asian countries. The fact is getting naked is very individual and very personal act. Finally, the sense of indignant indecency or an attitude of righteous morality that comes from doing something so brazen just does not have the same meaning in Asian countries. Nudity is just a fact of life. It does not make the same huge societal statement because nudity itself is not regarded as morally corrupt or wrong as it is in Christianity and otehr monotheistic religion-dominated cultures. The main reason I wanted to write about this was the thousands of great CMNM photos that appear during this season of the WNBR. Particularly appealing are the photos of naked men in the midst of clothed ones.

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