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Thursday, July 10, 2014

CMNM in the Barracks

CMNM in the barracks 
An original story
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by Willy

wilwank1 wrote:

When I was 21, I lived with my folks near an airforce base in Florida. I had a lot of G.I. buddys. I was into surfing and motorcycles, which a lot of them were into also. I had one friend, Charlie, who was a very unusual guy. He was 6'9' and weighed about 260. There wasn't an ounce of fat on the man. He had gray blue eyes and black hair, and he was blessed down below. I met him through another guy who set us up on a blind date. Charlie was under the impression that he was meeting a girl. When I was introduced to him, he turned the tables on the guy and acted like we and I were hitting it off. He held hands with me, put his arm around my shoulders and even kissed me when they dropped me off at the end of the night. He had clued me in to what he was doing, so I wouldn't be disappointed. I wasn't because we did become good friends.
We so wrecked the guy, that he got pissed and started a rumor on base that Charlie was gay. I ended up having to testify before a tribunal that he wasn't, and none of the guys I knew on base were. In those days the Airforce ran quite a witch hunt for gay soldiers. If the panel had been more conservative than they were, Charlie would have been kicked out just because he associated with a gay man.
The base commander knew me threw his straight son, and liked me, so he put a stop to the inquisition. I came and went on base at will, and I often went to the barracks to pick up friends who wanted to go surfing.
I know this was a long introduction, but you have to know all this to understand the rest of the story which is totally true. Some of the story was related to me by Charlie, and some was first hand.
Now to the part Charlie told me:
New recruits in the military are assumed to totally stupid. They are given instructions on everything from putting on their tying their shoes to brushing their teeth. One part of basic was to be taught how to take a bath in the field from their helmet. The instructor stripped naked in front of the fully dressed recruits, and put on a demonstration. Charlie said that in one of the classes, there was a guy who wouldn't look at the instructor. When called down for it, he tried to explain that his religion taught him that the body was filthy, and to look upon it was a sin. The instructor was pissed, and asked him how he bathed. The kid told him, he washed in the dark, and used a cloth so he didn't touch his own body. He explained that he had never touched his own privates. The instructor asked him how he took a piss. The kid tried to explain, but didn't do well so the instructor told him to demonstrate. The kid said he couldn't. He was given an order to demonstrate. He tried, but he was shaking so, that he couldn't even get his pants unzipped.
The angry instructor then ordered him to strip. After some time and yelling, the kid did as instructed. He was forced to stand at the instructor's side through the rest of the demonstration which included some of the class stripping and bathing.
After the demo, they dressed and marched back to the barracks. That is all but the kid, who was allowed to put his socks and boots on and nothing else.
Back at the barracks, he was given a hand full of washable marker pens, and told to stand at attention with them in hand in front of the day room. The others were told that each time they entered or exited the room, the were to sing in or out on HIS BODY.
Here's where I came in:
I went to the barracks to pick up Charlie. Charlies room was on the third floor. The kid was on the first. I walked in and saw him standing in the middle of the hall. I ran upstairs and asked Charlie what was going on. Charlie told me the story. He suggested we go down for a game of pool.
We walked up to the kid. He was written on all over his face, neck chest, back and arms. Some on his legs, but nothing on his butt or dick. Charlie signed in on his left cheek. Then he gave me an evil look. I signed in on his upper thigh, curving down along his crotch.
That seemed to start things off. Several guys saw what we did, and started signing more sensitive places. It was in the evening now, and lots of guys were in and out of the day room getting soft drinks and watching TV. The poor kid was given an hour break to get something to eat and rest. Then, he was back, but allowed to stand at ease.
I had to pee, and ran out to the latrine. I forgot to sign out, and when I came back, I had to sigh out and in. I started right under his balls on his thigh, and went all the way down to his knee. The next guy was waiting for me to finish, and did the same on the other leg. We both brushed the kids sack when we started. Another guy suggested that since I liked that sort of thing, I should have signed his dick. I told him, maybe next time.
A while later, Charlie and I went to the restroom. When we came back, some guys were waiting and almost demanded I sign his dick. They handed me a pen, and I took his dick in hand. Here's what I wrote:
"I'm sorry to have to do this to you, but these guys aren't going to give either one of us a break until I do, so here I am holding your very nice, and growing dick, and trying to cover as much of it as I can, so I won't have to do it again, but if it keeps growing, I'll be here all night."
The whole hall was full of guys by the time I was finished. They were all laughing including, strangely enough, the kid. I finished and handed him the pen. Then a guy grabbed his dick and started cranking it around reading out loud what I wrote. They were all hysterically laughing as he twisted and pulled the boy's dick. The Sergeant came out to see what all the noise was. He got to laughing too. Then he said that if I wrote something on his sack, that he would be covered and could shower it off and leave the hall.
I was handed the pen. The guys were cheering me on while I tried to think of something to write. Two guys lifted him up and spread his legs. I took up position between them. The kid was laughing as much as anyone else, as I started writing: "Well, here I am, in my favorite place, between a mans spread legs, with his balls in hand. I'm glad you aren't hairy. I hope you have gotten over your fears, and can start to enjoy your hot bod as much as I am. If you need any pointers, my phone number is, etc."
I actually put my phone number on his balls. The reading was once again as funny as my writing. The kid was released, and ran off to the showers. The crowd dispersed and Charlie and I went back into the day room. A few minutes later, the kid was standing in the doorway naked an dripping wet. All the writing was gone except the writing on this dick and balls. He had a totally pissed off look on his face.
The guy who's idea it was for me to sign his dick, had switched pens. I should have suspected something because it had a finer point. The kid saw him snickering and knew he was the guilty one. He ran after the culprit. Once he caught him he wrestled him to the floor and pinned him in a school boy pin. His dick and balls were inches from the clowns face. The kid said he should make him lick it off. Then he grabbed the guys head and forced his face into his wet crotch. He held him there smearing his face with balls and semi hard dick. Finally he let him up, and went back into the showers.
A couple days later, Charlie told me the kid said to tell me he finally gotten my messages off, and that he had saved my phone number. Because of me he had gotten real good at masturbating.


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