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Friday, July 04, 2014

Risks of Flashing --Imagined or Actual or Virtual

On a morning walk in the cemetery a few days back, I pulled off my pants - always wear a loose
fitting cargo pants and freeball. So it's easy to quickly do a bit of 'stealth flashing' -- I call it 'stealth' since I don't believe anybody is watching. It's just the fact that they might or could at any moment -- there are cars intermittently passing along a lane about 50 m behind me. I got excited and just seconds later starting jerking off until I ejaculated (came / cum).

Showing 'face' when your flashing or 'innocently' exposing yourself to strangers is actually less risky than doing so on the Internet. I mean there are only a limited number of people who actually see you and many don't really 'see' you at all. Even if they do, they don't want to act on it (confront your personally or even call the police and press charges) and then they don't have 'proof' - just their word against yours.

I was once arrested for lewd conduct charges (a felony in Mass). It happened while on vacation
near Provincetown in 2005. It was a police officer who saw me -- although I was just 'pissing,' which I was, he claimed I was trying to flash him (I was wearing a skimpy see-thru pair of shorts but he could not have seen that from the distance he was when he first noticed me). I was not convicted -- of course --the case was dismissed because it was a case of false arrest/police brutality / insufficient evidence / unlawful seizure of evidence (my camera), I obtain the services of a local lawyer who had experience with theis particular police department. It seems they often made this kinds of arrest in order to discourage 'perverts' from coming into their community - -not Provincetown township but another one further down (south) the Cape.

But the whole trauma of the experience taught me some valuable lessons. For one, it made me realize how vindictive and self-rightheous some people are -- including well-meaning and
hardworking police officers -- most of whom I have a great deal of respect for the dedication.
However, flashing on the net or letting your face get shown may have some risks that you cannot control or may not even realize until years later.

Thanks to one reader especially for being encouraging without being condescending: His comments on DF (another site -- see by blogroll or left sidebar for the link).

very nice! and a blurred face is better than no face! thanks
_________________Naked and Shaved Toronto asian male

I have lived in communities where a Causasian male (which I am ) is a rare minority , so it means I would have no trouble being picked out of a police line-up. Toronto has a very multi-ethnic community - there are about 800,000 people of Chinese origin alone live in great Toronto -- at least you can 'pass' for a local. I can't where I am living now - that's why I guess I went overboard last summer and was a little bit too careless while vacationing on Cape Cod. I thought I blended in as to be unrecognizable - virtually invisible. Yet, many people (including me) may be under a similar illusion (or should I say delusion) that only strangers, learing and salivating ones, who eggs us on in our sexploits -- not matter how mild they be in reality. We think we are invisible - elusively transparent to the larger world because the Internet is so vast and non-interactive (just a like exposing oneself in a window at night that you think is boarded up or that no one can see through, but, in fact, they might very well be 'watchers' - who are only taken pleasure the eventual havoc that they will reak upon you for daring to exposing skin or splatter sperm.

The other interesting phenomena and potentially dangerous new development that could make
flashing (exposing one's genitals and face) on the Internet a whole lot riskier for people who define themselves as flashers, exhibitionists and exposers than actually doing it in their own neighborhoods are:

1) the tendency for the Christian right to categorize them as sex offenders -- the same as child rapists and baby killers. Once classified as a sex offender (even perhaps for a misdemenor like 'urinating in public', a person might become a public enemy, be listed in the newspaper or on child sex offenders Internet alert sites and community watch groups. Getting frantic -- I know - but you'd end up having a GPS devcie attached to your body (which parts ) so that MADF (Mothers-Against-Dick-Flashers) would be protesting outside your house and making police calls on your whereabouts and activities. - farfetched, I admit. But if Bushamerika gets into Patriot Act in the full force, it could become a reality.

2) the new Internet technologies for tagging pics, passing data including pics and tags through RSS feeds even further around the globe, and geotagging - ties/links an Internet object (user, picture, file) to a specific geographic spot.

I know this is off-topic , but it was my topic (Walking the Dog) in the first place so I doubt the moderator's will mind. I usually do a lot of thinking while I am 'walking the dog' which is both a methophor for 'wagging the wiener', freeballing in the open air, airing out the family jewels. But it also is REALLLY what I am doing -- taking my pet dog for his daily walks. I also think about flashing both as my hobby and also about it repercussions and consequences too - while I'm enjoying the solitude and occasional chance to peek-flash some guy (see separate, earlier posts for the narratives)

Back the to thesis --
We know there is tracking of what you purchase and even what you're interested in (sites that you have visited leave cookies that search engines can pick up and then display ads that are related to the types of sites (products) you've been visiting. Google does that big time.
So it's not too big of a stretch to think that pics (or other data files or media objects), which you download or that you place on your website or public / private profile on some social network, or that you even look at briefly online, might leave discernible and followable traces.

I've got profiles all over the net and many pics with and without my face -- both under my real
name and my various alias (sunbuns is not my 9-5 working world identity). Someday somebody is going to find a way (my conspiracy instinct says they already have) to collect these traces (tags) or at least connect them like dots. So they'll start selling the information (klandestinely of course) for ostensibly purposes of security and anti-criminal protection but the personal id info will most certainly also be used to defame and try to ruin the reputations of people (basically good upstanding citizens -- like me and you) for political gain, religious cleansing, or profit from blackmail or pay-offs.

Sorry to take a sinister lapse into the dark side of the net...
But hey, forgive me. It's my real birthday today. I'm 39 - yep! Well, at least 'sunbuns' thinks he is or at least won't admit to being any older than that - and he usually says he's younger). I remember a comment your once made in another posting -- most of the people on this site (who are interesting in or doing flashing) are in the 40s and 50s.

In honor of the fact that I'm chicken to show my face here's another pic -- not only faceless but too headless from one my walking-the-dog hikes into the local cemetery. If I get any more 'invisible' - I might as well be dickless. Sometimes I think it will be good to be reborn as a dickless being (a female?) in my next life. If I am not recognizable, maybe my dog will be. 

On the public profiles, I was referring to in my post above is located at 
-- a gay social networking site (I feel like a 'old' man among the 'twinkish' - hipster GQ types plastered all over the home page. But what the hell -- I like college-age dudes - and sometimes they like a guy who's more mature and obviously well-endowed (I don't mean 'big' dicked).

If you visit it, you can see a slide show of guys showing off in public. Which means that ANYONE can see the photo and the profile - if someone is savvy enough they can probably find out my IP address from the uploaded pics or code. So -- it's not all just conspiracy. Someday I'll be knowledgeable enough to prove my thesis by showing you exactly how it might work.

I collect such pics and thousands of others. I am turned on more by 'real' photos of real guys getting nude and being naked, male and happy about it, than the slick, hard-glossed superstuds and huge meaty cocks of the porno models.
I have them in Flickr and a few thousand save in Yahoo Photos - only friends can see them - unlike Dlist and GW - my profiles and pics are password protected. I realize it is not much security (protecting one's identity from theft or blackmailing/blackballing) but usually like-minded people of the same persuasion join a gay or porno site. That's not the case with these two new entries, GW and Dlist. Even Yahoo 360, MySpace and don't allow just anyone to see a profile (or at least the parts you don't want made public).

Kelly (sunbuns or sunbuns99)

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