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Friday, October 17, 2014

Camping by Thorn, an original story

[This story was originally posted on Yahoo Group [thorngay] by Thorn]

I want to tell you a true story about my friend, Mark. I never knew he was gay, until one night when
we were camping.

We had just returned from the pub and crawled into the tent. he stripped to his briefs and hopped into his sleeping bag. Without thinking I stripped off completely, as I always do, and got into my sleeping bag.

Mark reached across and grabbed my sleeping bag opened it and stared down at my naked body and hardening dick he gave me a look and a smile that said it all. That was the cue. I wriggled out of the sleeping bag and made a lunge at him. I pulled off his sleeping bag and tried to pull off his briefs.
A hot and sweaty playful wrestling followed. I made sure I brushed his dick through the cotton of his briefs and sure enough it was getting harder. Then I grabbed his briefs and pulled them off.

Mark was sat there naked. He was beautiful. His body was lean and sculpted and his dick was hard. The foreskin was just slightly back and there was a definite bead of precum at its head,
"You can do anything you want!" he said. "Anything," I replied, slightly uncertain. "Yes, anything," Mark confirmed. My body was vibrant with excitement and needless to say, we only used one sleeping bag that night.

To think, for all those years, I never knew he was gay. What a waste of precious time!

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