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Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Joint JUB Dudesnude Grindr Gathering - Is it Possible?

So I hope someone who reads this will try it out -- even if you can't really attend the events on March 28 and March 29  in Honolulu.

Since I don't know the everyone's e-mails (nor would I send it to EVERYONE even if I did), but I do need a couple of people to try to see if the Eventbrite works.
One major stumbling block to actually organizing an DN event or party is the fact this is not a email LIST or group (Yahoo or MSN, etc). So there iis no way to send everyone a message (apart from site host / web admin) - and they should NOT have to organize events AND run / host this site too.
So here's the link and hope you can make it (or at least try to send a RSVP or decline the invitation).
It will give me (and maybe someone in a different location) a resource for helping to organize a JUB/ DN event (if it works).  I am using for posting and disseminating information about my events:

It seems that JUB (, and Grindr members are hosting small gatherings across the US. Is anyone here actually participating in those -- attending and/or planning one? I wonder if other large online virtual communities  could do the same? Would there be any benefit of trying to hold a joint party/gathering to get men from several of these large groups participating?

That brings up the idea of a "joint" cross-group event? After all , isn't that what PRIDE events or the annual gay street fairs (such as Southern Decadence, Dore Alley, etc) are all about?
I am not nixing the idea of a  solitary or exclusive party or convention or other event. I am just making some suggestions so a bigger and more populated event might actually happen. For example, we could hook-up with an existing event and thus attract more members to attend. I am also explaining what I think is needed to be decided in order to get one organized.

At least, we could start by having local JUB or members sponsor one event at a major Gay Pride / Gay Carnival event (on their continent or region).

As I thought (and wrote) more about it the idea of a Dudesnude-JUB Gathering seems more possible and more fun -- so I have started making real suggestions (at least on I have approached the idea to anyone here -- except through this blog entry.

The realities of actually organizing 'party' / 'convention' - 'round-up' or whatever it is called are daunting if you try to actually get many DN members to attend. Instead, there may be some wisdom in starting on a smaller scale. It does takes a spark -- a somebody(ies) who will take the initiative to set a place/time, have a clear purpose/events/activities, make contacts and coordinate communication. ](*,)

I seems to be a bit difficult to come up with a 'purpose' for a DN party -- if it a sex party/orgy then we'd better call it that. If it's a social gathering or an organizational meeting then we'd need to get that clear. If it a DN sponsored event that is part of another major gay (men's) event or an event or series of events organized for DN (on its own) that's great but we need something to focus on: a parade float, BBQ, camp-out, beach party, ice-cream social, apres-ski party, pot-luck supper (in the nude) etc) then that would work.

If is going to have multitple purposes then that's got to be decided or at least sorted out, but it seems that we're not likely to come up with ONE general purpose because of the diversity of men, locations, ages, and interests.

Still, if somebody got one party/convention organized, once it has been started and successfully held, it would be model on how to proceed with others (or how to improve upon the idea).
Also, why not have them rotate from venue to venue and occur several times a year?-- instead of trying to have simultaneous 'parties/conventions'.

..| So ... I'll help organize one in JUB-DudesNude Gathering for winter 2005-6. (US (several locations), or Europe would be possible.

The First Honolulu JUB-DN Gathering is easy - I think it should be on January 1st at Diamond Head Beach from 12:00 noon - until about 5pm. If enough guys are interested, then we could set up a BBQ picnic in nearby Kapiolani Park (but the Jubbing around (talk, chatting, playing game and Dudenuding could go on at the (unofficial gay/nude beach under the Light House on Diamond Head Beach. )

Stay tuned below for more info and an Evite (electronic invitation). :D

Palm Springs Dec 22-24 -- we could stay where we like but gather at one site (Inn Exile, CCBC, or wherever) for the main party/event(s). or  Sometime in February 21-March 9 Big Island (nude gay beach party on the Puna shore, accommodation could be at Kalani resort - from camping to bungalows to hotel-class rooms.)

Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas (Gran Canaria, Spain) Carnival 2nd to 12th March
or later March 19-28. There are cheap flights from London, Germany, Amsterdam, Madrid. We could organize shared accommodations at both gay and vacation condo/hotels and have a huge blast on the largest gay beaches in the world during the day (all in the nude) and then split up into small dance/bar-hopping by interest groups at the many clubs in the Yumbo Center in the evenings.

Tampa or South Florida, March 16-19

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria (Nude Gay beach party)
March 18 - 28 (dates to be arranged)

I could attend one in Europe (and maybe help out with one) in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest) in March -- if the Gran Canaria does not work out.

Using as a way to help organize (and/or just poll the members about enough interest to pursue the idea, and to actually start planning a location/time.

If you guys will indulge me, I have created an Eventbrite event to test its ability to actually find out WHO would attend a JUB/Dudesnude party or Gathering.
The Nude Beach Party on Beach 67 on the Big Island in March 2018 is real - but it is probably not really possible for very most of you to attend.  I realize it is a long way  to attend, unless you live in Hawaii or are already planning to be Hawaiian islands.

If you can or can't, I need a few JUB/DN members to try out the Eventbrite link below:

Since it is may be a BROKEN URL link (yes, I understand very well why it may be), then you can piece together the parts of the URL and send me a reply at the Eventbrite site. Or you can send me e-mail and I will send you an Eventbrite directly. It includes some of the features -- liking polling and who is bringing things, that future JUB and/or DudesNude or Joint JUB-DN gathering hosts might need to know and info they'd need to be able to do collect.

If the URL link is broken or incomplete, try piecing together the three parts in your browser. I hope you can please try it (if you have time and are willing to test out the Evite system as a possible vehicle for helping organize future events (and more accessible to more numbers of DN members).

Sunbuns (Kelly)

sunbunz  (at)
Or you could also just write me e-mail and I'll send you a direct  electronic invitation via Eventbrite.

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